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Dubai International Airport  (DXB)
Al Maktoum Int’l Airport  (DWC)
Sharjah International Airport
Documents Required & Acceptable: 
 Commercial Invoice - 1 Original


If the shipments originate from free zone companies, the shipment can be transferred to Seaborne by internal ownership transfer document; the following documents are required fro the same.

Documents Required:
1.    Delivery Advice – should be stamped by the buyer and the seller
2.    Original & detailed invoice by item wise with HS Code Classifications and Free Zone BOE Reference Number by item wise from Free Zone Company
3.    Original packing list from the seller
4.    Trade license copy for the seller and buyer
5.    Transfer of ownership letter prepared by the Seller as per the Customs Format and signed & stamped by the authorized signatory of both seller and buyer.

Chargeable/volumetric weight:

Airline freight rates are based on a "chargeable weight", because the volume or weight that can be loaded into an aircraft is limited. The chargeable weight of a shipment will be either the "actual gross mass" or the "volumetric weight", whichever is the highest. The chargeable weight is calculated as follows: 1 metric ton = 6 cubic meters. In order to establish if the cargo will be a weight or volumetric based shipment.
Step 1
Measure the parcel/cargo along the greatest length, width and height of that parcel. For example; 100 cm (L) X 100 cm (W) X 100 cm (H) = 1 000 000 cm3. Next, weigh the parcel; assume it weighs 150kg.
Step 2
Now divide the 1 000 000 cm3 by 6 000 = 166,66 kg. You have now converted the centimeters (cm) into kilograms (kg)
Step 3
Now compare the weight to the volume. If the weight is 150 kg then the airline would base the freight on the higher amount being: 166,66 kg
The air waybill
The air waybill, unlike the ocean bill of lading is not a document of title to the goods described therein, however it does perform several similar functions these are:
•It is a receipt for the goods
•It is evidence of the contract of carriage between the exporter and the carrier
•It incorporates full details of the consignor/shipper, the consignee/receiver and the consignment/goods
•It is an invoice showing the full freight amount
•It must be produced, be it in an electronic format, at the airport of discharge for clearing purposes
All copies of the air waybill, together with the commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and any other document which may be necessary for clearing the goods through customs, these documents are carried in the flight captain's bag

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